Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer is here for sure...such warm weather too!!

Hello there!! I know it as been a little quiet here but it shouldn't be to soon when everything gets back to normal, What with the summer and other life events its always hard to fit everything in..but things will get there soon and hopefully we have some good news to share with you. So rest assure we have not forgotten you all!! Like we would do that hey!! I think not.

Since we haven't had any TV inspiration for a while, thought it would be nice to show some crafty inspiration on our blog.  

Sentiment was print and cut - Matt and layer with the flowers and leaves were cut using Silhouette Cameo

Usual Wedding card 

Yes I agree this is very usual wedding card, but when I designed this I had to think what the bride and groom would like and love. They love skulls and tattoos so when I founded this image I just had to use it, but of course with permission from the artist of course Linda Alder.

The wedding couple loved this design and were over the moon, So I was quite proud I had manage to get it spot on.

Bye for now until next time...We should have some news to share with you next time.

Cameo With Carley Design Team

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